Finding Forrest Fenn's Treasure

Finding Forrest Fenn's Treasure

The team at MyConspricayTees has joined in the search for Forrest Fenn's Hidden Treasure, with our first exploration taking place over four days in August of 2019.  We flew into Denver, Colorado and from their drove to Taos, New Mexico to start our search for the treasure.  


Once in Taos, we had lunch at a local restaurant, bought fishing licenses, and went to check out Taos Pueblo before setting up camp in Carson National Forest. With some help from Find A Campground, we were able to find a great spot in Cimarron Canyon, right along the river. Our plan, while in Taos, was to hike Agua Fria Peak, Wheeler Peak, and search the dam in Eagles Nest, so after getting the campsite set up we got right to work and headed for Agua Fria Peak. After a scenic hike to the top of the 11,000 foot summit, which included a run in with a loose cow and finding some Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, we went to scope out the Eagle Nest Dam. Before heading back to camp we had dinner at the Lucky Shoe Bar & Grille in Eagle Nest.

 Day two started with some early morning brown trout fishing in the Cimarron River before heading over to Eagle Nest Dam to explore the area. Our plan was to come up from behind the dam following the river because the adjoining area and the dam itself was located on private property, but after a few mistakes and an intense hill climb we ended up on a peak with an amazing view of the dam below. After the hike, the altitude really started getting to me, so we went back to camp so I could recoup a bit. I never fully recovered that day so we decided to take in some of the scenery with a drive through the canyon to the town of Cimarron. After that we drove back to the town of Eagle Nest to have dinner again at the Lucky Shoe Bar & Grille before checking out an event going on in town.


 Day three was our last day in the Taos, so we woke up, packed the tent, and headed to our final spot we wanted to explore in the area, Wheeler Peak, a 13,100 summit situated right above Taos Ski Valley. From there we headed to the town of Questa to explore the area around the Red River Fish Hatchery. On the way we were treated to a nice surprise, the Rio Grande River. We passed a scenic overlooked that had a trail leading down to the river, and took the opportunity to fish the Rio Grande. Once in Questa, we hiked along the Red River behind the hatchery. After the hike, the altitude really starting affecting another member of the group, so we called it a day and took a long drive to the town of Chama and checked into the Elk Horn Lodge for the night.

Everyone woke up feeling good on day four, so we hit the road early to check out some spots on Rt. 84. Our first stop was Brazos Box, however once we reached the town of Brazos, we realized that the land the cliffs are located on are now private property, but that didn't stop us from hiking down the Rio Brazos River to check out the cliffs. From there we continued to the Chama River Canyon Wilderness to see the natural whirlpool and fish the Chama. Our last stop on Rt. 84 was the Poshuouinge Pueblo ruins, a former 15th century Tewa Indian Pueblo town. From there we headed back towards Denver, but not before being treated to one last surprise, the birthplace of Jack Dempsey.

 Although we never found Fenn's Treasure, we did get to explore an amazing part of the United States.  The area around Taos, New Mexico manages to keep an old world feel, filled with only local business's and beautiful landscapes.

Stay Tuned... 

MyConspiracyTees will be using what we learned this trip and will definitely be back on the hunt for Forrest Fenn's Treasure in 2020!